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A Glimpse into Our Engaging Activities

Welcome to the vibrant world of activities at Prime Time Extended Learning! Our diverse range of programs is designed to cater to every aspect of a child's development. From fostering creativity and critical thinking in our Art and STEM activities to building social skills and emotional intelligence in our Community Circle, each activity is thoughtfully crafted to enrich and inspire. Dive into our array of offerings and discover how we make learning an adventure.

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A Glimpse into Our Engaging Activities

Core Activities and Academic Enrichment

Community Circle

At the heart of our daily routine is the Community Circle, a space for mindfulness, group meetings, and emotion check-ins. This activity fosters a sense of belonging, empathy, and self-awareness, encouraging children to express and understand feelings in a supportive community.

Free Choice Time

Free Choice Time at Prime Time Extended Learning offers children the freedom to explore activities that interest them. This unstructured time is crucial for fostering independence, self-discovery, and engagement in personal interests, whether arts, reading, or imaginative play.

Outdoor Play Time

Our Outdoor Play Time combines physical activity with nature exploration. It's an opportunity for children to develop motor skills, enjoy fresh air, and engage in teamwork through a variety of outdoor games and activities.

Homework Help

Understanding the importance of academic support, our Homework Club provides dedicated time and assistance for homework completion and reading. This structured time helps children develop good study habits and reinforces learning from school hours.

Enrichment Activities: Art and STEM

Our enrichment activities in Art and STEM stimulate creativity and critical thinking. These hands-on learning experiences allow children to explore artistic expression and delve into science, technology, engineering, and math, sparking curiosity and a love of learning.

Social Skills and Leadership

Youth Voice and Group Games

At Prime Time Extended Learning, we prioritize the development of social skills and leadership abilities in every child. Our Youth Voice initiative is a platform where children can express their ideas, lead activities, and engage in meaningful decision-making processes. This empowers them to take ownership of their learning journey and fosters essential leadership qualities. Additionally, our group games are designed not just for fun, but as tools for teaching teamwork and effective communication. These interactive games are a fantastic way for children to learn cooperation, problem-solving, and to build lasting friendships. Together, these programs create a nurturing environment where every child can develop confidence, empathy, and a strong sense of community.

Social Skills and Leadership: Youth Voice and Group Games
Diverse Engagement: Quiet and Active Options for Every Child

Diverse Engagement

Quiet and Active Options for Every Child

Understanding that each child has unique preferences and needs, Prime Time Extended Learning offers a balanced mix of quiet and active engagement options. For those who find peace in quieter activities, we have dedicated spaces like reading corners and art stations, providing a serene environment for introspection and creativity. Conversely, for children who thrive in more dynamic settings, we offer a range of active options such as sports and interactive games. These activities are designed to cater to different energy levels, ensuring that every child finds activities that resonate with their interests. Our aim is to create an inclusive atmosphere where children feel comfortable to explore, learn, and grow in their own way, whether through calm reflection or energetic play.

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